This Ferrari 458 replica is the best we've seen


Replica Ferrari 458

We've seen our fair share of tragic replica cars that look nothing like the models they're supposed to be emulating. However, this so-called Ferrari 458 is from a different league.

In trademark Ferrari red, we can't even work out what the donor car was for this replica; this faithful fake really would fool all but the most committed Ferrari enthusiast. That is until you fire up the "powerful and economic" 2.5-litre V6 engine, which we're sure is lacking some of the 458 Italia's 562bhp raw power and aural drama.

Thankfully the price tag is also a lot smaller than the real thing's, coming in at £37,950. The advert neglects to mention what the donor car is, but whatever the mystery model is, it was built in 2000 and has 51,000 miles on the clock.

The owner claims that this convincing fake even features genuine Ferrari parts and the engine has been tweaked to look like the 4.5-litre V8 powerhouse stuffed into the back of real 458s. With 20-inch alloy wheels, one thing that will be no different to the real thing is tyre bills.

This red replica also has bright red "Ferrari" encrusted brake calipers and useful kit like leather sports seats, air conditioning, driver, passenger and side airbags, electric windows and traction control. Best of all, it's even got an MOT and the balance of its tax disc.

So is £37,950 good value for a fake Ferrari? Well, we'd search down the back of the sofa for an extra £2,000 and put a bona-fide Porsche Cayman on the drive.

Ferrari 458 Replica

Ferrari 458 Replica