​Birmingham motorist takes unkindly to being mooned


Diamond Club, Luton

A driver from Birmingham has hit a woman with a spanner, after she bared her rear-end at him in the street outside a nightclub in Luton.

Flasher Kerlene Muschette had to dive out of the way when Leslie Hughes, 48, turned his Range Rover towards her, as she had exposed her bum at him as he drove past. The driver then stopped his car, ran around to the boot to grab a spanner, which he then hit the unfortunate extrovert with.

Birmingham resident Hughes, was arrested by police, following the incident. In his police interview he said that Muschette had show disrespect to him by "showing me her arse" on November 16, last year.

Luton Crown Court heard that Miss Muschette had been dancing in the Diamond nightclub in Cheapside, Luton. She left the venue in the early hours but kept dancing in the street.

Jan Hayne, prosecuting, said that Hughes had been driving towards her, with his girlfriend in the passenger seat, as Miss Muschette seemed to bend over and moon him in the car. There had previously been animosity between Hughes and Miss Muschette, the court heard.

Hughes subsequently pleaded guilty to common assault and possessing an offensive weapon. He was handed a 12-month community order and ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work. Hughes must also pay £300 in prosecution costs.

Passing sentence Judge Richard Foster said: "If we all did that because we thought someone was being disrespectful, we would be living in the jungle," reports the Birmingham Mail.