​Emeli Sande talks cars and how she writes a new song


Emeli Sande Jaguar XE

Jaguar's XE compact saloon is waiting in the wings, gearing up for a full reveal in the near future. You can get a preview of this new model in Jaguar's video with singer songwriter Emeli Sande.

We talk to the Scottish singer to find out more about her car history and her work behind the scenes with this new Jaguar, including a new song inspired by the public.

Emeli is promoting the launch of the new Jaguar XE sports saloon and inviting the public to influence her Feel XE 'exhilaration track'. Use #FEELXE via any social media channel to provide Emeli with inspiration.

What does your role as a Jaguar 'forward thinker' involve?

Right now, I'm going to be creating a new track for Jaguar using suggestions and inspirations sent in by people over social media. So I'm going to be writing music to go along with the marketing campaign for the new Jaguar XE and be singing the song at the launch event.

How do you go about creating a soundtrack for a car?

The main theme for the track is 'exhilaration' and I'm basing it around that. I want to capture the experience of driving and the experience of being in the car and how it feels and that's what I'll be taking inspiration from.

Emeli Sande talks to AOL Cars

Emeli Sande talks to AOL Cars

How does the creative process differ from your other work?

I imagine it's going to be different. But for me, a lot of it is based on instinct – I'm going to see what sort of feelings are inspired by people's responses and build the track from there.

So how can people get involved with influencing your creative process for this track?

Suggestions can be sent online via social media. You can tweet me with #FEELXE and can send me anything that makes you feel alive, feel exhilarated and we'll see what happens after that.
There's nothing planned, nothing prescriptive, it's just such a subjective feeling, that's why I can't wait to see what gets sent through. It can be images, songs, anything.

What was the first car you ever owned?

It was black Fiat Panda. I got that when I was 17 after I passed my test.

Did you give it a name?

I'm afraid not – we just called it Panda!

What sort of learner driver were you?

I wasn't too bad, I passed on my second attempt but I took my test in quite a small town in Scotland, so driving around in London now has been a whole new experience for me – it's a bit scary. It's ok as long as I've got the sat nav programmed in!

What was the first car you ever really lusted after?

The car I really fell in love with is what I'm driving right now. It's a V8 convertible Jaguar F-Type. It's amazing. It's really made me appreciate why people really enjoy driving. I never really got it before, but it's very exciting.

What was the first car you bought when you 'made it big'?

I wasn't really driving that much at the time, as I was working in London and I took the tube everywhere. I bought a piano instead!

What did your dad drive when you were growing up?

My dad loved cars, so he had loads of cars: Rovers, Volvos, he really took an interest in them.

Were they cool or embarrassing?

I thought they were cool at the time. It was exciting getting a new car – my dad would tell us all about them and show them off, so it was pretty cool.

What was the first road trip you ever went on?

My family used to go camping quite a lot so I remember the first time we went we crammed everything in the back of this tiny Vauxhall Corsa, we had our little orange tent in the back. We went up to the Highlands, near Ben Nevis – it was a great adventure!

How are you at a spot of amateur mechanics?

It's definitely not my field of expertise! It's not something I'd do myself, I wouldn't know where to begin!

If money was no object and you had to have one car, what would it be?

Anything with a Ferrari badge on it! It's more their design I'm attracted to.

What sort of music do you listen to when you're behind the wheel?

It depends on the time of day really. In the morning I prefer listening to classical music; if I'm coming back from the studio at night it could be stuff I've written that night. I also like listening to hip-hop, though it could be anything and everything really.

Do you have a clean driving licence?

I...think I do.... (not sounding too convinced). I've not had any nasty letters in the post and no one's come to get me yet, so fingers crossed!