​Nearly a third of drivers would leave scene after crash


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Almost one-third of British drivers would make a hasty retreat if they accidentally damaged another car, new research has revealed. A further four per cent of respondents admitted that they would scarper, even if they had caused significant damage, the poll commissioned by ContractHireAndLeasing.com has discovered.

Responses were found to vary dramatically with age, location and income, with 52 per cent of all respondents saying that they would wait for the owner of the car they'd damaged to return or leave contact details.

The least-honest group was found to be those living in the north-east – seven per cent said that they would make a quick retreat if no-one was around, nearly twice the national average of four per cent. A further 36 per cent of drivers in the north-east said that they would leave if they had caused minor damage – compared with just 22 per cent in Scotland.

Scottish drivers were most likely to be honest overall, with 63 per cent claiming that they would leave contact details. The most honourable city was Glasgow with a figure of 70 per cent, while Southampton scored 65 per cent and Hull 64 per cent. At the other end of the table, just 43 per cent of those in Bristol said they'd own up. Oxford and London were only slightly ahead on 46 per cent. A substantial 12 per cent of Brighton's drivers admitted that they would quickly leave and hope that no-one had seen them.

David Timmis, Managing Director of ContractHireAndLeasing.com, said: "Although we are generally a nation of honest motorists, it is sad to see that nearly one-third of motorists would try to avoid paying for repairs if no-one was around to witness their accident."

Timmis continued: "As ever, the older British generation are showing the rest of us the right path by being honest no matter who may, or may not, have seen the accident." Seven times more people aged between 25 and 34 years old would make a run for it than people aged over 65.