​Caravans top British summer driving hates


Holiday Traffic Jam

Being stuck in a queue of traffic behind a caravan and burning hot leather seats are some of the most annoying things drivers experience behind the wheel in summer, claims a new survey. The people at HPI have surveyed the nation to find our top summer driving dislikes and if you can read it without cringing, you're tougher than us.

Topping the list is being stuck in one of the endless queues snaking behind a tardy caravan or tractor, closely followed by the notorious and predictable bank holiday tailbacks. Boy racers pumping out loud music got 32 per cent of drivers hot under the collar, securing the third spot.

The next three in the list are having no air conditioning, a hot steering wheel or sticky leather seats and forgetting your sunglasses on a sunny day; scenarios which always seem to happen during the same journey.

At number seven is children complaining on long journeys. However, while 20 per cent of women voted for this it got only six per cent of men's vote. Bringing up the rear are those summer motoring annoyances driving in flip flops and getting sunburn on one arm.

The survey found that those over 60 are more likely to get annoyed by caravans, tractors, boy racers and tailbacks whereas those aged 18 – 29 are more irritated by a lack of air conditioning and being burned by hot steering wheels or seats. However, while 50 per cent of women hate being burnt by their car interior men don't seem to mind it as much.