Mustang driver stopped for speeding and then crashed into


Ford Mustang crashed into by pickup

​A Mustang driver has been caught on camera having what anyone would consider a really, really bad day.

The dash cam footage from Montgomery County Police shows the driver being pulled over for speeding and as he waits by the car he adores, wiping it down and admiring it, a pickup truck smashes into the side of it.

It turns out the driver of the pick up truck had spilt his 32 ounce Coke (900ml to those unfamiliar with American supersized drinks), causing the crash.

The Mustang driver managed to jump out of the way avoiding the truck but was hit with the bad news that the other driver had no insurance shortly afterwards.

Luckily Deputy Constable Tim Shakleford chose to close the door of his police car seconds before the truck hit, and he was able to report the driver for not having insurance and failure to drive in one lane.

See the drama as it happened, below: