​Belfast Motor Show customers angry at "rip-off" event


Noble M600

Car fans have been left disappointed after an "absolutely shambolic" Belfast Motor Show, according to the Belfast Telegraph. A number of car enthusiasts who attended the city's first motor show in more than a decade branded the event "a joke" and a "waste of money".

Organisers had promised the thousands who arrived "an action-packed weekend with all aspects of motoring under one roof and a full programme including exhibitions, motoring experts, demonstrations, celebrity guest appearances, hands-on fun, entertainment, stunts and more."

However, customers were unimpressed with the selection of cars on show. Local resident Daron Brown said he had "seen a better selection of cars at the sea front car park on a Sunday. There was no BMW, no Porsche, no Ferrari, no Bentley. It was beyond embarrassing."

Having walked around the main building Mr Brown asked security how to get into the main hall "only to be told that the cars we had seen on the way down were all that was on show. I almost fell over."

Another visitor, Ramesh Sharma, said: "It is very disappointing. Absolutely terrible. There are very few cars in there. A couple of them are classic cars, some police cars, no main dealers whatsoever." He added: "There is a £230,000 sports car, which seems to be the main show event – a Noble M600. That's it."

Fellow attendee Brendan Mullan went as far as saying "there was a load of what you would call bangers. There are about three half-decent cars in there." Around 30 customers were even waiting for refunds at one stage, claimed the Belfast Telegraph, with the £10 entrance fee coming in for heavy criticism.

Organiser of the show Kerrie Mann said: "Many people seemed to enjoy the variety that was on offer at the show and had a really good time. We are sorry if some people did not enjoy the event."