Video: Pedestrian airs his frustration at dangerous driver


CTK Photobank Stock

It's fair to say that the relationship between different road users is often fractious. This is most often documented in the frequent altercations between motorists and cyclists.

However, it is the most vulnerable group – pedestrians who sit at the very bottom of the pecking order – that require most consideration from others.

However, as many of you are likely aware, there are some drivers who blatantly disregard pedestrian safety, particularly the law surrounding road crossings; failing to give way and often putting people's lives at risk.

And so it happened for one pedestrian, captured on the dash-cam of an irresponsible motorist. Forced to stop in his tracks when he realises the approaching vehicle isn't slowing down, he narrowly avoids being struck by the speeding driver.

However, rather than just roll over, the pedestrian vents his frustration by hitting the passing car with a rather heavy object. Obviously, it's not something we'd condone, but it'll certainly make the driver think about casually blasting through a pedestrian crossing in future.

Check out the footage below.

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