​Passengers survive after car crushed flat as a pancake


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A driver and passenger have miraculously survived a freak accident in eastern China, which involved a shipping container almost entirely flattening their car.
> The container had fallen off the back of a lorry and landed on top of their car, crushing it down to barely more than 60cm.

Firefighters were convinced that nobody could have survived the accident, which took place in the Chinese province of Qingdao. However, the woman could be heard calling for help from inside the mangled car and was seen to give a thumbs up from a small gap in the window.

Fire brigade spokesman Chi Tang said: "We had a call about the accident to say that a lorry had fallen onto a car," the Daily Mail reports.

"We didn't expect anybody to be alive but then we heard a woman's voice and realised that actually somebody had survived."

crushed car

Both the driver and passenger were pulled alive from the car. The woman suffered only cuts and bruises and was later treated for shock. The man was more seriously injured and needed to be cut from the wreckage, but his conditions are not life threatening. The lorry driver was also hospitalised with minor injuries, though all three are expected to make a full recovery.

The pair had been overtaking the lorry which swerved to avoid a car braking in front, causing the container to topple off the back of the lorry and onto the car.

Spokesman Mr Chi added: "We had to bring in a 100 tonne crane to make sure we lifted the container off carefully and we found the car had been crushed so badly that there was only 60cm of space left inside."

China's ministry of transport has claimed the number of deaths on its roads has been fallen dramatically – from around 300 fatalities a day in 2003 to less than 200 in 2012. These figures are widely contested, however.