Couple run over after man 'pushed woman into traffic'


police warning tape

A couple has been killed after being struck by a car, when a man reportedly pushed his fiancée into the path of fast-moving traffic.

Police identified the pair as Nonita Karajevaite, 24, and Tadas Zaleskas, 26. Witnesses stated that they saw Zaleskas push his partner into the road on the A47 near Terrington St John, Norfolk.

The couple, who were originally from Lithuania and lived together in nearby Emneth, were both killed when they were struck by a silver Kia people carrier last Sunday afternoon.

Police confirmed that both parties had separately asked a local shop worker to call 999 a short time before their deaths.

An inquest into their deaths is expected to be opened and adjourned in due course.

DCI Paul Durham of Norfolk police confirmed that Karajevaite's death was being treated as suspicious after receiving several witness reports stating that she was pushed into the path of traffic, The Guardian reports.

Durham went on to say that it was not clear how her partner ended up being struck by the car too, and speculated that he could have stumbled, been pulled by Karajevaite or simply thrown himself in front of it.

Officers are still trying to piece together the movements of the couple in the hours before they died. The pair were witnessed walking barefoot on the verge of the A47 towards King's Lynn for around two hours before to the collision.

Prior to that they were spotted at the shop where they asked the attendant to call the police. However they both quickly left and shop staff decided not to ring the emergency services as both did not seem distressed.

Anyone with information relating to the incident is urged to contact Norfolk and Suffolk police by dialing 101.