Fareham is Britain's most car dependent town


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The Hampshire town of Fareham has been identified as the most car dependent area in the UK, according to a new study conducted by the Office for National Statistics.

With 538.7 cars registered to addresses in the town per 1,000 people, Fareham's residents are more than twice as reliant on their cars as drivers in major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham.

The car/people ratio is also more than 50 per cent higher than in neighbouring cities, including Portsmouth and Southampton.

Other towns that were identified as being hugely dependent on cars were Bracknell, High Wycombe and Basingstoke.

At the other end of the scale, larger cities with well-developed public transport networks exhibited some of the lowest levels of car reliance.

Manchester, which has a tram system to complement its rail and bus networks, has only 234.3 cars per 1,000 people. Even smaller towns such as Oxford and Cambridge have fewer than 300 cars for every 1,000 residents.

Unsurprisingly given its love of the car, Fareham was last year named in Britain's top 10 traffic jam hot spots. However, residents stuck in relentless jams should spare a thought for drivers in Zgierz, Poland, who suffer a car/people ratio of 1.3 to one, according to the Telegraph.

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