Retired GP does European tour in his Porsche...tractor


Porsche Tractor

If you're going to take a 1,000 mile road trip across Europe, Porsche makes a number of high-end sports and GT cars that could comfortably cover the distance in a single sitting.

However, one retired GP decided chose a vintage Porsche tractor for his journey from the south of Germany to the Welsh coast last month. With a top speed of just 12mph, this journey took the former medic 22 days to complete.

Arthur Niesser fell in love with his grandfather's tractor as a seven-year-old on the family farm and returned to his hometown in Germany to buy it and drive all the way home. En route Niesser raised £2,500 for charity Doctors Without Borders.

The 61-year-old was waved off by family and friends in Bussmannshausen, south Germany and drove the tractor back from to his home in the northern Welsh coastal town of Porthmadog – travelling across four countries in the process. Niesser drove through Germany, Belgium, France and England on the way home.

Following the trip he said: "I was completely on my own, but I never felt lonely", writes the Daily Mail.

"First and foremost, it was my love for the tractor that led me to take on this journey. When I was given the chance to buy the tractor, I just knew I had to."

After the death of his grandfather and uncle, Niesser decided to collect the tractor: "I thought the journey tied in with the 100th anniversary of the start of the first World War. In the past 100 years, we have more or less overcome borders across the world and, particularly in the west, borders are more or less meaningless now."

Following this experience, Niesser is planning another trip: "I have already started planning another journey from Germany to Poland, that I want to complete in four years time for the anniversary of Kristallnacht."