​Jaguar uses German rivals as advert for its teaser website


Jaguar viral marketing

Jaguar is making no bones about taking its German rivals BMW, Mercedes and Audi head on with its clever new advertising campaign for its forthcoming XE model.

Jaguar has used camouflaged rival models from the three German companies to promote its teaser website for the upcoming XE saloon in Germany. This follows a banned James Bond style TV advert in which actor Tom Hiddleston states: "They say that Brits play the best villains".

Jaguar's new campaign comes ahead of the launch of the company's all new XE saloon, which will compete against the extremely popular BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class and Audi A4, and involves heavily camouflaged rival cars being parked up in a German square, emblazoned with a website address – der-neue.com (literally translated as "the new"). Though Germans might think they're looking at an updated version of a BMW, Mercedes or Audi, they are actually just seeing a disguised current model.

Everything becomes clear when they type in the website address, which goes to Jaguar's new teaser website, BimmerToday reports. This website is a data capture exercise for the new Jaguar rival model which is set to arrive in 2015.

With many German buyers being extremely loyal to domestic brands, Jaguar faces a big challenge to get these drivers into their new model. This new ad campaign should at least get their attention.

The new XE is expected to be launched at the Paris Motor Show in October. With an all-aluminium body plus a range of new turbocharged petrol and diesel motors, this car should at least make a bigger impact on the compact executive car market than its predecessor, the X-Type, managed.