Scottish learners twice as likely to pass as Londoners


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Learner drivers taking their driving test in parts of London are less than half as likely to pass their test first time as those in more sparsely populated parts of Scotland, research has found.

The study by insurance provider Privilege has discovered that drivers in Belvedere, south east London, are the least likely to pass their driving test, with a first time pass rate of just 31 per cent. Following closely behind are test centres in Wanstead and Barking in east London, both of which have a pass rate of 32 per cent, with Wood Green in north London chalking up 33 per cent.

The centre with the highest pass rate however, is Kelso in Scotland, with 70 per cent of drivers passing first time. Learners at Scottish test centres Lochgilphead and Stanraer had a 69 per cent and 67 per cent chance of passing respectively. The national average stands at 48 per cent.

"The general rule is that if you are driving on busier roads and complex road systems, your driving test is likely to be tougher", Charlotte Fielding, head of car insurance at Privilege insurance told the Metro newspaper. The number of minor faults issued in driving tests has also increased by 49 per cent between 2011 and 2014, the report claims.

A spokeswoman at the Driver and Vehicle Standards agency said: "We train examiners to a high standard and closely monitor their work to ensure that all tests are assessed consistently wherever."

She added: "Pass rates can be influenced by various factors. Some people may take more lessons and be better prepared for the test", according to News Shopper.