Navy helicopter left damaged after transporter lorry crashes


Gosport helicopter wreck

A lorry driver has been left embarrassed after his abnormal cargo, a Wasp helicopter, ended up crashing to the ground when he clipped the corner of a fence on at the HMS-Sultan Royal Navy base in Gosport, Hampshire.

The lorry's carriage hit the fence with such force that the helicopter, and the carriage it was being carried on, were left flipped on their sides, resulting in extensive damage to both.

It is thought that the helicopter, which had previously been restored at the base, was either on its way to a museum or to the scrap yard, according to a source at the scene. The lorry driver will likely be praying it is the latter.

The lorry cab involved in the accident was left intact and ok, more than can be said for the Wasp and the driver's ego, which have both taken a battering.

A Navy spokesperson declined to comment on the incident, stating that it was a civilian matter being investigated by the police.

Wasp Has.1 (MK 1), as the helicopter is technically known, earned its stripes as a submarine hunter in the Falklands war, in which it disabled the Argentine Santa Fe, amongst other warships.

Back in its day, a fully equipped Wasp was a technology-packed war-machine, with the ability to carry anti-submarine missiles, sighting rockets and even nuclear weapons.

Author: Harry Boucher