BMW recalls 1.6million cars


BMW 3 Series

German carmaker BMW has issued a recall notice for its 3 Series model to fix a problem with airbags which has affected many other manufacturers.

The recall affects 1.6million 3 Series cars globally, manufactured between May 1999 and August 2006, including 189,000 in the UK and 574,00 in the United States.

Owners are advised to contact their local dealership to arrange replacement of a faulty passenger-side front airbag. The units, made for a variety of carmakers by Takata Corp, have been highlighted as a safety risk as the airbag inflators could potentially disintegrate during deployment and injure passengers in the result of a collision.

The company was initially investigated by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after it received six reports of ruptured airbags in vehicles in Florida and Puerto Rico, which injured three people.

BMW claims that there have been no reports of problems with its models, and is issuing the recall as a precaution, in line with other affected manufacturers.

The faulty airbag component has been the subject of many recalls in recent years, from major international carmakers such as Ford, Nissan and Toyota.

The Daily Mail reports BMW Spokesman David Buchko as saying: "As a precaution, we just feel now that the right thing to do is just to bring them all in and replace the passenger-side air bag."

In addition to the 3 Series models, 26 Minis and one BMW i3, manufactured in 2014, have been recalled for the same issue.