Jaguar's new windscreen tech makes real life more like Gran Turismo


Jaguar concept windscreen

Many new cars already have head-up displays (HUDs), where you can view your speed and other information on the windscreen in front of you. However, Jaguar's new windscreen concept takes the idea to another level, using the whole glass area as a digital display.

This allows much more information to be shown than a typical head-up display can handle – and provides a sense of augmented reality. Unlike lots of new car technology that takes control from the driver, Jaguar's concept simply gives the driver more information about the road ahead, but doesn't interfere with the process of driving.

Jaguar's concept will prove a boon for trackday fans, as it maps the fastest racing line around corners and displays when to brake, with the racing line changing from green through orange to red to indicate whether you are driving too fast for the road and conditions.

This system also lets you compare your best lap times around a circuit and race virtual 'ghost cars' on a real road. Drivers could even race against real life lap times uploaded by other drivers.

The other function shown in Jaguar's promo video is the option of mapping out virtual cones on the road ahead - a function that could prove invaluable in driver training scenarios.

"The virtual windscreen is a concept at the moment, as the technology doesn't exist today to utilise the entire windscreen as a HUD [heads-up display]," a Jaguar Land Rover spokesperson told tech website Mashable.

However, this isn't all science fiction according to the Brit brand: "We are working with our suppliers to develop the technology, and are estimating it has potential to reach production in around 10 years."

Previous technology mooted by Jaguar Land Rover includes a bonnet which appears transparent – thanks to augmented reality – so you can see all of the road ahead and avoid any hard to see obstacles.

Click play below to see the augmented reality windscreen concept in action.

Author: Christofer Lloyd