Rear-ended in traffic: a motorcyclist's viewpoint


POV road accident

Have you ever been waiting at a set of traffic lights, only to notice the car joining the queue behind you is approaching rather too quickly? Ever experienced that sinking feeling as you wonder whether the driver is paying attention and you brace yourself for a jolt from behind?

Should the worst happen, the likely fallout results in nothing more than a scraped bumper, a sore neck and the culprit apologising profusely for his lack of attention.

However, things are slightly different when you're on a motorbike. The helmet-cam footage below, captured in Australia, shows how a rather unpleasant bump turns into a serious road traffic accident when you're not protected by a tonne-and-a-half of metalwork.

Sat in a line of traffic minding his own business, the unlucky biker suddenly becomes aware of the screeching brakes of a BMW behind him. Before he knows it, he's being flung forward onto the car in front, hitting it with enough force to break its rear window.

Moaning in pain, the poor motorcyclist is left lying on the roof of the car as others look on helplessly. Currently there is no word as to the state of the man's injuries.

Click play below to watch the footage, and remind yourself why you should be giving the road your full attention.