Racing driver narrowly avoids decapitation


Formula Ford crash

'Motorsport is dangerous'. If you've ever taken part in or spectated at any form motor race you'll no doubt have seen these words emblazoned across the pit walls.

And this Formula Ford race in Columbus, Ohio, lives up to that phrase with a driver narrowly avoiding being beheaded by the car behind, which fails to react to everyone else slowing down. Launching his vehicle over the car, the wheel narrowly misses the driver's head – all of which is caught on the victim's in-car camera.

Clearly not one to be put off by a near death experience, the lucky driver then deftly manages to avoid the smash in front as two cars clip each other around a bend, sending one spinning around and leaving the other stuck in the middle of the track. A third car is spun around by the runaway racer, who then ploughs on, into the grass verge.

And the result of all this carnage? The driver who's nearly lost his head calmly straightens his wing mirror and carries on – making up three places in the process.

Thankfully no one was injured. See how the race unfolds below.

Author: Christofer Lloyd