How to dodge a speeding Lamborghini


Lambo jump

Stop, look and listen – or so the old road safety adverts used to say. And sage advice it is too, as anyone who's been caught in the headlamps of an approaching car will tell you.

If you're the sort of person who doesn't pay quite enough attention when crossing the road (and congratulations on making it this far, by the way) perhaps you should take a leaf out of Al the Jumper's book. This Swedish mentalist has perfected the act of jumping over a speeding supercar.

His daring stunt (which we in no way suggest you attempt to recreate at home) sees him completely clear a Lamborghini Gallardo, as it hurtles towards him at 80mph.

Obviously, one miss-step and it's all over for the intrepid Al. However, this is more than just some automotive tomfoolery, and the Stockholm native has been in training for months – doing some rather grueling looking exercises – to ensure he doesn't end up as road kill.

So what does Al want to do next? Jump two cars, obviously – something that he says will write himself into the history books as the "craziest jumper of all time".

Personally, we think he's already due that title. Click play below and see if you agree.