New Smart models previewed ahead of launch


Smart teaser

The new Smart Fortwo and Forfour models aren't due to be launched until the end of the year, but that hasn't stopped the manufacturer releasing an early teaser video, which gives a hint as to the two cars' design.

The new models won't be fully revealed until the Paris motor show in October. The launch is timely for the manufacturer, as it faces a raft of fresh competition, not least in the form of the new Renault Twingo and Toyota Aygo, the new iterations of which boast improved quality and passenger room.

The short video, shot from the perspective of a car designer, highlights the influence on the new models of design elements from the brand's various concept cars, from the Smart Forvision and Forspeed of 2011, through 2012's For-us and Forstars design studies, up to last year's Fourjoy concept.

Launched in 1998 by parent company Mercedes-Benz, the Fortwo revolutionized city car design, featuring an innovative 'Tridion' safety cell and a roomy two-seater cabin. Early versions were even short enough to park with the nose facing the kerb.

Click play below to watch the teaser for yourself.