Mercedes teases new AMG GT


Mercedes AMG GT

Mercedes' in-house performance division AMG is getting ready to launch its brand-new sports car, the AMG GT, and is ramping up the hype-machine ahead of its public unveiling in September.

The Affalterbach brand has released a new teaser video showing heavily camouflaged test mules in action on road and track, which gives a hint as to the car's performance potential.

You'll have to excuse the hilariously bad dubbing, as the German AMG spokesman suddenly sprouts an American accent. Instead focus on the charismatic noise of the car's engine. In typical AMG tradition, the GT will be fitted with a sonorous V8 motor, expected to be the company's new 4.4-litre turbocharged unit that will also make its way into the forthcoming C63 AMG sports saloon.

The GT follows on from AMG's first ground-up supercar, the gorgeous SLS, which was released to critical acclaim in 2010. Unlike that car, however, the GT will have less of a grand-touring bent, and is likely to provide a more focussed sports car experience.

Click play below to see the AMG GT in action.