LaFerrari XX spotted testing at Monza


LeFerrari xx testing

Ferrari's latest top-tier hypercar, the LaFerrari, is undoubtedly at the cutting edge of the sports car art. It, along with its hybrid rivals the Porsche 918 and McLaren P1 are not only amongst the fastest road vehicles ever put into production, but are also the product of years of motorsport engineering expertise, culminating in the creation of performance cars the likes of which the world has never seen before.

As such, you'd think that Ferrari would be pretty happy with its new weapon. That hasn't stopped the Italian marque from developing a new, track-only version aimed squarely at the billionaire track-day market.

The new car, currently known only as the LaFerrari XX, follows in the footsteps of the FXX, which was a lighter, more powerful, track-only version of Ferrari's previous flagship model, the Enzo.

The test mule spotted putting in hot laps of Italy's Monza racetrack loses none of the standard car's drama, and with a naturally aspirated V12 engine, it certainly sounds as raunchy and aggressive as a Ferrari hypercar should.

Unsurprisingly, it's quick as well. Piloted by a brave Ferrari test driver, the car is driven extremely hard around the tight circuit. So hard, in fact, that the rear suspension gives up the ghost mid way around a left hand bend. See if you can spot it around the 2min 10sec mark.