Driver rams ex-girlfriend's car after being dumped


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A drunk-driver who rammed a car being driven by his ex-girlfriend has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

Andrew Bramley had been attending the funeral of the woman's mother, after which he had left the group of mourners to go drinking.

Leicester Crown Court heard how the woman, concerned about his whereabouts, borrowed an ex-partners are to look for him.

Ben Gow, prosecuting, outlined the sequence of events: "The defendant told her he'd been driving around for ages and couldn't find the pub," reported the Leicester Mercury.

"She realised he'd been drinking and confronted him.

"He was aggressive and there was an argument.

"She said their relationship was over and left in the Fiesta."

It was then that the woman noticed that Bramley was following closely behind in his BMW, when he rammed her vehicle from behind at around 30mph.

"The force jolted her back in her seat and she could see the defendant laughing," Gow continued.

"He rammed her vehicle a second time and at this stage she was frightened."

As a result of the battering, the Fiesta broke-down a short while later and the driver called police after seeing Bramley pull up in his car.

The Fiesta was later deemed to be an insurance write-off.

While he initially protested his innocence, Bramley eventually admitted his actions to officers.

He pleaded guilty in court to dangerous driving and driving while over the prescribed alcohol limit, and was handed a 12-month suspended jail term, banned from driving for two years and ordered to undergo a six-month alcohol treatment programme.