Daimler unveils the lorry of the future


Daimler self-driving lorry

Daimler, the parent company of luxury German carmaker Mercedes-Benz, has unveiled its vision for the future of road haulage in the form of its 'Future Truck 2025'.

Unfortunately it's rather less than Optimus Prime than we were hoping for, but the new prototype truck does pack some clever gadgets. Showcasing the company's Highway Pilot software, the lorry was able to guide itself down a stretch of Germany's Autobahn at a maximum speed of 53mph.

Using a combination of Wi-Fi, object-detecting radars and a camera mounted below the windscreen, the lorry is largely able to drive itself – something that Daimler claims will relieve drivers of stress and fatigue, improving road safety.

Of course, when they are finished with their Yorkie bars, drivers can easily regain full control simply by flicking a switch.

As the lorry's name suggests, Daimler hopes to see the automated truck on the road by 2025 – something that would currently require an amendment to current automotive legislation.

You can watch the prototype Future Truck 2025 in action below.