Social media rallies to shame poor parking


poor parking

Have you ever witnessed a piece of parking so bad you just had to stop and take a photo? Perhaps you've wished there was a way of shaming those moronic drivers with no sense of spatial awareness or consideration towards other road users? Now, thanks to social media, there is!

A raft of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have popped up in recent times, with the express purpose of allowing followers to upload any examples of poor parking they come across, in a form of public shaming of the offending vehicles.

Everything from drivers' inability to park in marked bays, parking on the pavement or in other potentially dangerous spots (like the middle of the road) and simply damaging every other vehicle in the vicinity, is captured and uploaded for eternal ridicule.

There are even standalone websites (such as the aptly, though crudely named youparklikeac***.com) with the sole purpose of abusing people who can't drive or park to save their lives.

Britain's poor parkers shamed

Britain's poor parkers shamed

It isn't just members of the public that have come in for criticism on these social media outlets; pictures of emergency service vehicles, traffic wardens and even celebrities spotted parking poorly on the television appear amongst the deluge of images.

And, if you're struggling to comprehend just how some people find it so difficult to park a car, let us remind you of the video below. Going viral late last year, it shows the plight of a Northern Irish woman as she wrestles with a parking spot for over fifteen minutes before finally parking with the assistance of others. How do these people get driving licences?