Is this the first LaFerrari fire?


LaFerrari fire damage

After years of speculation, teaser shots and the ongoing rumblings of the Ferrari hype machine, the Italian marque's latest top-tier hypercar, the LaFerrari, is now out in the open and being enjoyed by lucky owners.

All of which is good news for supercar fans, as we get to see the new hybrid performance weapon being used as its maker intended. However, one owner may be wishing he'd kept his new toy in the safe confines of is garage after it appeared to catch fire during a hill-climb event in Italy.

Captured by a spectator, the £1million cutting-edge sports car can be seen billowing smoke from its rear quarters as it tackles the hairpins bends of the Trento-Bondone hill-climb.

It was later spotted by another fan, who posted a close-up video to Instagram, showing the rear diffuser suffering extensive heat damage:

While it's likely to have taken the shine somewhat off the owner's new wheels – and resulted in a rather expensive warranty claim for the factory – occurences of fire in ultra-high-performance sports cars is not uncommon. Porsche recently recalled all customer models of its latest 911 GT3 due to an engine fire risk, while Ferrari previously hit the headlines with the 458 Italia, a number of which were extensively fire damaged due to a type of glue used in its construction. In each case customer cars were repaired or replaced.

While the LaFerrari was undoubtedly the highlight of the hill-climb, there were numerous other pieces of automotive exotica taking part and being driven with just as much gusto. Click play below and enjoy.