Mother and son run over after falling into sinkhole


car in sinkhole

They say bad luck comes in threes – if that's true then one US family may want to avoid venturing outdoors for a while, after suffering a double bout of bad luck when they drove into a sinkhole in the US state of Illinois.

Juanita Pineda and her 15-year-old son Benjamin Hernandez were driving in the countryside delivering newspapers in the early hours of the morning when they drove their Ford Taurus into the unnoticed chasm.

The 10ft-wide crater had appeared suddenly after a period of intense rainfall in the area.

41-year-old Juanita suffered superficial injuries, though her son was left in a bad way, fracturing his spine, nose and jaw and losing several teeth in the impact.

Unfortunately for them, that wasn't to be the end of their ordeal. As Juanita called the emergency services, a passing pickup truck, which had also failed to notice the giant sinkhole, drove straight over their stricken car.

In the recording of her 911 emergency call, Juanita can clearly be heard yelling "Oh my God, no! Another car!"

Thankfully the pickup driver stopped and turned back to help the pair. Emergency crews eventually managed to free Juanita and her son from the wreckage, and though currently bed-ridden in hospital, Benjamin is eventually expected to make a full recovery.

Click play below to watch a US TV news report on the incident.