Hamilton snubs cheap Santander trophy


Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - British Grand Prix - Race Day - Silverstone, England

Lewis Hamilton won yesterday's British Grand Prix, recovering from an error in qualifying that saw him forfeit his pole position for sixth, and taking victory from team-mate Nico Rosberg who retired with gearbox issues.

And while he was no doubt ecstatic with his success, Hamilton was less than enamoured with the winner's trophy supplied by race sponsor Santander.

Expecting to be handed the ornate golden chalice that is the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) trophy, Hamilton was instead given a red plastic affair by Lord Burns, chairman of Santander UK.

Hamilton's disappointment was immediately apparent: "Where's the gold trophy?" he complained on the podium.

"This one is falling apart."

Having successfully ruined the title sponsor's big moment, Hamilton continued by saying:

"It was plastic, it fell apart on the podium – must have cost £10."

He quickly realised his word's may have upset the Santander chairman, and through a fit of giggles, urged journalists: "Don't write anything too bad!" the Irish Independent reported.

Fortunately for him, the RAC trophy was at Silverstone for Hamilton to raise on the podium in front of thousands of cheering fans. However, as the first ever trophy presented to the winner of a Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1948, it is extremely valuable – being shadowed the entire time by two security staff.

As such, it is the one trophy that drivers are not allowed to take home with them. Instead it will return to the RAC club in London's Pall Mall to take pride of place in its lobby.

Hamilton will have to make do with the plastic reindeer-antlers creation gifted to him on the podium, though given his elation at snatching victory from the jaws of defeat on the weekend, we're pretty sure he's not all that fussed.