Pranksters reveal drivers' reactions to strangers in their cars


Car prank

If a random stranger strolled up to your car, casually opened the door and hopped inside, how would you react?

The answer of most people would likely be that they wouldn't take too kindly to this intrusion, and they'd make their feelings known in a rather direct (and maybe punchy) manner.

However, a new video by a Birmingham-based prankster duo, known only as Jay and Romell, show just how calm and polite (most) British motorists are when faced with the surprise of a hoodie-wearing youth in their passenger seat.

Filmed jumping into random cars, before quickly claiming they've got the wrong vehicle, the pair are subjected to a range of reactions, though the most assertive being nothing more than a simple "Can you get out?".

Unfortunately one young lady wasn't quite so relaxed; her screams alerting other motorists and almost leaving one of the jokers facing a confrontation.

Click play to watch the pair's antics below, though be warned: the video contains strong language throughout.