AOL Cars' top-five moments from the British Grand Prix


Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - 2014 British Grand Prix - Practice Day - Silverstone Circuit

The F1 circus arrives on the shores of the UK this weekend, with Silverstone playing host to the British Grand Prix. As the birthplace of the sport as we know it, the Northamptonshire circuit has born witness to many of F1's highs and lows, from catastrophic mechanical failures and crashes, to the ultimate displays of sportsmanship and wheel-to-wheel racing.

To whet your appetites ahead of this weekend's race, we've compiled our favourite moments from the British Grand Prix throughout the history of the championship.

Michael Schumacher wins from the pit lane

F1 is nothing without its rivalries, and for the 1998 Championship it was the turn of Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen to slug it out for glory. A tense race saw plenty of action at a rain-sodden Silverstone, with Hakkinen retaining his lead and looking likely to take the chequered flag. However, with just a handful of laps to go, Schumacher was issued a stop/go penalty for an earlier overtake during a safety car period. He took it on the last lap, meaning he crossed the finish line before his arch-rival, stealing a controversial win from under his nose.

Lewis Hamilton wins his first home GP

2008 saw the rise of Lewis Hamilton, a previously unheard of rookie who had been fostered as a racing driver by McLaren since adolescence. He instantly won his way into the hearts of British race fans by storming to victory at his first ever British GP. He was ultimately denied the championship that year, but went on to take the world title in 2009. Here Hamilton looks back at his first win at Silverstone.

Nigel Mansell gives Ayrton Senna a 'seatie'

A great display of how even the fiercest adversaries don't lose sight of the fact that it's merely a sport they're involved in. Mansell and Senna went head-to-head on numerous occasions, being involved in aggressive action both on and off the track. However, the Silverstone GP in 1991 saw just how civil they could be to each other, after Mansell gave Senna a lift to the pits on the back of his car after he had run out of fuel. Whether that would have happened if Mansell hadn't already won the race is unlikely...

The year everyone's tyres blew up

2013's British GP proved to be a controversial affair, but not due to the conduct of any of the racers. Instead the race weekend saw no less the five tyre blowouts, ruining the campaigns of everyone from Lewis Hamilton to Sergio Perez. Supplier Pirelli was immediately put under the spotlight, and the tyres' construction process was eventually found to be to blame. It was just lucky that no major collisions or injuries were caused as a result of all that flying debris.

Man plays chicken with the pack

British sports fans love nothing more than a good pitch invasion, be it en masse or from a single nutter in their birthday suit. 2003's race saw a semi-dressed priest running down the Hangar straight, waving religious placards at the pack, which was storming along at full race pace. Thankfully the fearless fruitcake was saved the embarrassment of being pulverised in a high speed smash by a marshall who drags him off the circuit in a rather no-nonsense manner.