Ultra-rare Ferrari FXX Evoluzione up for sale


Ferrari FXX

Buy yourself a Ferrari and you'd have thought you'd done enough to make yourself stand out – your rare and exclusive supercar marking you out as a connoisseur with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

However, with Ferrari enjoying greater sales success than ever before, you may well find yourself sat at the lights in your 458 or California when another identical model rocks up. How embarrassing... To avoid such awkward moments and to guarantee exclusivity, you're going to need to look higher up the Italian marque's model range. Specifically, you're going to need an FXX .

Built as a track only hyper-performance edition of the hallowed Enzo model, the FXX was initially only sold to Ferrari's most preferred clientele. There were no waiting lists here, if you didn't get an invitation you didn't get the car.

Utilising all of the technical know-how of Ferrari's talented race engineers, the FXX was an example of what was possible when there are no rules. It's free from the legal restraints place on road cars and doesn't meet any of the regulations for racing. Instead it was built as the ultimate track toy, designed to thrill its owners at Ferrari's Corse Clienti trackdays, membership of which came with the car.

This particular example has been fitted with the Evoluzione package. A £175,000 option, it saw the FXX bestowed with uprated suspension, electronics and a beefier transmission, as well as a larger rear wing for improved downforce.

The upgrade also coaxed 60 more horses out of the car's screaming V12 engine, with the FXX boasting a total output of 860bhp.

You're going to need deep pockets if you want to make this piece of Ferrari history your own. It cost well over £1million when new, and we're betting it's appreciated somewhat since then. If you're interested, Miller Motorcars has all the details.

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione