Man bends burning car door with his bare hands


Bent door

A Good Samaritan has been praised for his "superhuman strength" after he saved a motorist from a burning car by bending the door with his bare hands.
> 52-year-old Bob Renning spotted the vehicle fire on Interstate 35 on Sunday evening. Realising the driver was trapped in the cabin, which was rapidly filling with smoke, he sprung into action, bending the door in half far enough to shatter the window and allow the occupant to escape.

State Trooper Zachary Hill, who witnessed the scene, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune: "He bent the door in half. I don't think I could take a crowbar and fold the door like he did."

Burnt car

Renning himself told the newspaper he had no idea how he managed to bend the door back.

"I'm just a slightly overweight Air Force First Sergeant, for crying out loud," he said.

The man trapped in the car, Michael Johannes, didn't realise at the time that someone was trying to save him and had almost resigned himself to his fate in the burning car after the electric windows and door locks failed.

"Thirty seconds later and I would have been done," he said. "It was a good thing I didn't have my family in there."

He suffered minor smoke inhalation and a cut to the side of his head as he was dragged from the SUV, both of which were treated by paramedics at the roadside. Renning was uninjured.