Airbag deployment left mesh imprint on crash victim's eyeballs



A teenager involved in a car accident was left with serious eye injuries that doctors determined were a result of the airbag deploying so quickly she didn't have time to close them.
> The 17-year-old from Michigan was struck by the airbag after the car she was a passenger in was crashed into from behind.

Luckily, the girl was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and suffered no obvious injuries, but was taken to hospital as a precaution where she began complaining of blurred vision.

As seen in these pictures, Doctors X-rayed the girl's eyes using a florescent dye that showed a mesh like pattern imprinted on both eyeballs.

Ophthalmologist at the University of Michigan, Dr. Jonathan Trobe, told Live Science: "When we looked at her under a magnified view, we could see that there was this very unusual imprint on the surface of the cornea. It's quite interesting to see that the airbag deployed so quickly that she didn't have time to close her eyes," reported the Daily Mail.


The girl's eyesight was not affected permanently, and the issue was resolved in two weeks after being treated with a prescription medicated cream.

No other occupants of the vehicle were injured.

While they are an effective life-saving device in most instances, airbags have been known to cause problems, and can cause injury to vehicle passengers if they do not deploy in the correct manner. US carmaker had recently recalled around 33,000 models of its Cruze hatchback after a defective airbag left a woman blind in one eye.

Author: Danielle Bagnall