Jaguar confident Project 7 sold out in UK


Jaguar project 7

Jaguar is confident it has found buyers for the entire UK allocation of its special edition Project 7 sports car after a world debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Just 250 Project 7 models will be built and sold worldwide with an unspecified number coming to the UK.

But buyers looking to snap up one of the exclusive cars, rumoured to cost £135,000 and set to be the fastest Jaguar ever, are out of luck.

"Buyers could sign a letter of intent at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and we are confident we have more of those than we have cars allocated to the UK," a Jaguar spokesman told AOL Cars.

"We were not taking deposits – letters of intent are different legally – but we are extremely pleased with the level of interest we had at the festival."

Jaguar would not confirm how many buyers signed letters, but AOL Cars believed more than 20 put pen to paper on the first day of the festival alone. The UK is Jaguar's third biggest market and will be allocated cars in line with its worldwide market share.

The Project 7 is based on the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 F-Type R but power has been increased to a whopping 567bhp.

Its styling harks back to the D-Type racers of the 1950s. The smooth fairing that flows from behind the driver's seat is almost identical to that found on the vehicles that won three consecutive Le Mans victories in 1955, 1956 and 1957.

That hefty price tag and the fact each Project 7 is finished by hand by Jaguar's new Special Vehicle Operations facility is a sure fire way of ensuring this car will become a collector's piece from the minute it leaves the factory.