Alfa Romeo reveals Marshall Amplification Concept


Alfa Romeo

If you've ever bemoaned the sheer lack of cars available with connectivity for electric guitars on the market today, then good news, as Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo has teamed up with British amplifier specialists Marshall to create a striking new concept car based on the chic MiTo supermini.

The stealthy black one-off has been fitted with a bespoke Marshall JVM 50-watt amp and two 12-inch 75-watt speakers. To ensure this audio firepower doesn't drain the MiTo's battery, a separate battery system has been fitted, meaning there's nothing stopping drivers pulling over and dropping some mad riffs (or something) whenever the mood takes them.

However, wherever budding axemen may want to go, they'll have to travel light, as the system dominates the rear of the car, almost entirely eating into the MiTo's 270-litre load space.

Elsewhere the Concept has been blinged up with a gold radiator grille, wing mirror housings, door handles and headlamp surrounds.

The exterior also gets detailing in the form of Jim Marshall's signature and Marshall badges on the rear pillars either side of the car.

Inside, the seats are upholstered in the same materials that go into creating the iconic Marshall amplifiers and the conventional gear lever has been replaced with a classic Shure SH55 microphone head, which has been engraved with the gearbox's six-speed layout. A heavy sprinkling of gold trim detailing and Marshall logos completes the makeover.

Power is provided courtesy of the standard 1.6-litre JDTm-2 diesel engine, the most powerful oil-burner currently offered in the MiTo range.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo Marshall Amplification Concept is due to appear at a number of automotive and music events throughout the year.

Alfa MiTo by Marshall

Alfa MiTo by Marshall