Cash-counting bus driver given six-month ban


careless bus driver

A bus driver who was filmed by one of his passengers counting cash while driving down a motorway at 60mph, has been banned from driving buses for six months.

Driver Thomas Smith was running the busy Edinburgh-Glasgow service on the M8 for operator Citylink, when a passenger spotted him with both hands off the wheel and his eyes on a wad of cash instead of the road ahead.

The passenger initially complained to Citylink but forwarded the story to the Daily Record after the transport company took weeks to respond.

At first Citylink refused to take action against Smith as the footage had been taken without his permission, but were forced to act after it was made public.

Joan Aitken, traffic commissioner for Scotland, who banned Smith from driving coaches and buses, said: "We are very grateful for the persistence of the member of the public in bringing this matter to the attention of the Record and to my office, through the newspaper's coverage," reported the Mirror.

A Citylink spokeswoman told the newspaper: "This driver will not be operating on any Citylink services in the future."

The footage of Thomas Smith behind the wheel can be viewed below.