New tech from Hyundai set to banish speeding fines for good



Hyundai has recently unveiled new radar technology that could signal the end of speeding fines.

Speaking to a journalist from at the Seoul launch of the new Genesis model this week, company spokesperson Guido Schenken revealed that the vehicle would automatically slow down should the driver be breaking the speed limit in the vicinity of a camera.

The technology uses in-built GPS to locate nearby speed cameras and then harnesses the automatic braking system to scrub speed should the car be breaking local limits.

Mobile speed cameras will still catch drivers unaware as the technology hasn't quite mastered the art of tracking these sting operations but it is said to help drivers who may be unfamiliar to an area, and therefore unfamiliar with the location of static cameras.

The car will first warn the driver of approaching cameras with a beep, similar to the technology used by Coyote Speed Trap Locator software, and only apply the brakes should the person behind the wheel fail to adjust his or her speed.

The system is unlikely to go down particularly well with certain motoring groups, which argue the cameras are installed to promote safer driving, rather than slow traffic at a particular point.

Hyundai says the model will come to the UK but in limited numbers and it will sport a number of other innovations new to the affordable Korean marque. Bind spot detection, lane keep assist and radar-controlled emergency braking will all feature.