High-speed crash leaves Lamborghini looking like gutted fish


A businessman in Thailand has had a lucky escape after he lost control of his Lamborghini Gallardo at high-speed and crashed into a tree, tearing the Italian exotic in two.
> According to the Bangkok Post, the driver was travelling at around 93mph on a wet road when he lost control of his £150,000 supercar, which could have cost Pitak Riangsima, 40, owner of Unicity, a US-based networking marketing company, a great deal more due to local taxes.

A paramedic who first attended the scene said Mr Pitak was standing at the side of the road talking to his insurance representative, apparently unharmed.

Images of the crash look horrific upon first glance but Lamborghini have engineered complex safety systems into all of its modern cars, which means the structure rips apart in a high speed collision.

The technology works much like that on Formula 1 cars, where carbon fibre elements shatter in order to dissipate some of the energy created by a speedy smash.

There isn't any news surrounding the police response to the driver's actions, although the Bangkok Post reported that Mr Pitak admitted to police that he was pushing the Lamborghini at about 150km (93mph) per hour in heavy rain when the crash occurred.