Elderly couple flip car and pose for photos while they wait for help


An elderly couple have become unlikely online heroes after they posed for photographs following an unfortunate accident.

The pair of octogenarians, who have been married for 60 years, were driving in the Bel Air region of Los Angeles when their blue Honda flipped onto its side. But rather than panic, the cool pensioners decided to grab their mobile phones and snap some 'selfies' for posterity.

Ben Neufeld, the 87-year-old husband, managed to scramble free from the wreckage completely unharmed but his wife, Elizabeth, was trapped in the driver's seat, allegedly without a scratch on her.

In fact, she was so un-phased by the situation that she reached for her mobile phone and began taking pictures of herself from inside the car, according to eye witnesses.

Ben decided it would be better to let a passer-by take a photograph of the smiling pair next to their wrecked car and the result is one of the greatest images of recent times.

According to RMG News, eyewitness Ryan Steinberg rushed to help the elderly couple but when he saw they were happily snapping pictures, he decided to join in the fun and grab one for himself.

The image of Ben standing next to his stricken wife and vehicle with his grey slacks hiked up to his chest has now taken the internet by storm, with a number of US news channels rushing to get the all-important first interview.

ABC 7 managed to grab some time with the internet sensation and he said of the crash: "I don't know how it flipped. It didn't skid, it didn't slide, it didn't bounce, it just fell over."

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