Driver flips Ferrari on Mulholland Highway


Ferrari crash

Much like dashboard-mounted video cameras have brought the (often insane) exploits of Russian motorists to a global audience, American drivers tackling the famous Mulholland Highway are now getting their fifteen minutes of fame thanks to YouTube user RNickeyMouse.

Spending a lot of time crouched in the shrubbery surrounding the route, RNickeyMouse films the thrills and spills of the countless bikers and sports car drivers looking for kicks on the snaking Hollywood asphalt, for his channel Mulholland Riders.

This week, the intrepid cameraman was in just the right spot to capture the moment a Ferrari 360 driver lost control, left the road and ended up rolling his exotic machine down a steep embankment.

Thankfully, and despite their car facing the wrong way up, and likely being beyond economic repair, both the driver and passenger managed to escape with only minor injuries.

Click play to watch their epic off below.