Video: Greyhound bus driver randomly attacked, causing him to crash


CCTV cameras have captured the moment a Greyhound bus driver was attacked in Arizona, forcing him to lose control of the vehicle, which was fully laden with passengers at the time.

The coach was travelling from Tennessee to California, a trip that takes around 35 hours by road, and saw passenger Maquel Morris, 25, suddenly jump out of his seat and attack the driver while many of the fellow travellers were sleeping.

Despite another passenger, who was sitting at the front of the coach, attempting to intervene, the driver lost control and crashed into the central reservation at around 70mph, injuring 27 of those onboard. Three had to be airlifted to hospital.

The attack took place in January this year but police have recently released CCTV footage of the incident, as well as a recording of the 911 call the driver made just moments after the crash.

In the recording, the driver can be heard saying: "I'm on a Greyhound bus. We crashed in the median."

"A guy jumped me while I'm trying to drive the bus. We're in the median. We're on Interstate 10 Eastbound. I don't know the exit."

Authorities praised the actions of the driver, who managed to prevent the vehicle from overturning at high speed, despite swerving across Interstate 10 at speeds of 60-70mph.

According to Sky News, Morris, who is from Los Angeles, said from his jail cell: "I never meant to hurt anybody," following the incident.

Police believe he may have been under the influence of drugs when he launched the attack.

Watch the ABC15 Arizona report below