Video: The flaming Jaguar XJ220 burnout


If you owned a sleek sports car with a six-figure price tag, what would you do with it? Would you drive it as its maker intended or would you leave it wrapped in cotton wool in the garage, only allowing it to see the sun on the rarest of occasions?

Shadowy supercar abusers Tax The Rich have firmly placed their flag in the former camp, and have made a name for themselves by driving priceless exotica in a manner that would make most people – including the manufacturers themselves – wince.

Their YouTube channel highlights all of their exploits, from using a Rolls-Royce Phantom as a drift machine, to putting the highly exclusive Ferrari Enzo through its paces in an impromptu rally.

This time around it is the turn of the stunning Jaguar XJ220, which is subjected to a violent burnout in close proximity to a small puddle of petrol. The desired effect is achieved when the smoking tyres ignite the fuel, creating an undoubtedly eye-catching display of fire and horsepower. However, we'd bet Jaguar's engineers aren't best pleased with this wanton abuse of their baby.

This isn't the first time the XJ220 has featured in a Tax The Rich video. It's previously been seen strutting its stuff in a (slightly) less idiotic manner in the hands of a young child (sort of).

Click play below to watch what happens when you give supercars to people who just don't care.