Audi TT inspires outdoor pavilion


Audi TT pavilion

While some would argue that the Audi TT is as close to art as you can get on four wheels, one designer has taken things a step further by creating an outdoor pavilion using elements of the car's bodywork.

Industrial designer Konstantin Grcic has created the mobile space, which can be constructed as a freestanding structure nearly anywhere. His vision will be on display at this year's Design Miami/Basel exhibition, which takes place between June 17-22 in the Swiss city.

Constructed in a similar manner to a pre-fabricated home, the TT pavilion incorporates seven original Audi TT tailgates, which form part of the doors on the futuristic shelter. It combines with simple wooden panels for a clean, forward-thinking design.

Designed to be used in nearly any outdoor area, the construction is mounted on pylons, allowing for it to be erected on "uncertain terrain", according to the Ingolstadt brand.

"For me, the Audi TT is a car that you drive from the city out into the countryside. I responded to this experience with a pavilion concept that stands as a point of destination at a remote site," Grcic said.

"Cars are industrially produced, mobile pieces of architecture. They not only offer protection but also are perfectly equipped functional spaces for working, communicating, eating and relaxing."

This collaboration with a celebrated designer outside of the automotive industry is considered very important by Audi, which continually seeks new design inspiration for its tech-laden models.

Audi chief designer Marc Lichte said: "Audi is very close to industrial design, since the design of our cars is always an expression of technology. With his designs, Grcic places functionality at the centre and lends everyday products a surprisingly distinct design."

Grcic was given free rein in his design process and specifically chose the TT coupe as his inspiration, because of its geometric design language and timeless good looks.

Audi TT Pavilion

Audi TT Pavilion