Van driver aids in capture of armed robbers


G4S Stock

Armed robbers who stole £18,000 from a security van were caught after a passing van driver pursued them while filming the getaway on his mobile phone.

Guards working for G4S were forced to hand over the cash box to Ricky Maidment, 27, and Gary Allen, 41, after being threatened with machetes outside a Tesco Express store in Fordingbridge, Hampshire.

Luckily, the robbery was witnessed by quick-thinking van driver Philip Hoare, who chased the pair through residential streets and country lanes as they attempted to make good their getaway in a Land Rover.

While tailing the criminals, Mr Hoare collected video evidence on his mobile phone, while giving police a running commentary, continually updating them of his location.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard that Allen had driven "dangerously and erratically" as he tried to shake of his pursuer, reported the Metro.

Increasingly desperate, the pair even attempted to force Mr Hoare into an accident, by throwing the empty cash box at his windscreen, though he managed to swerve out of the way.

The chase ended when the Land Rover continued down a dirt track that Mr Hoare was unable to travel down in his van. However by this point the Police were already in position and had blocked their escape route.

"I don't consider myself a hero," said Mr Hoare, the Daily Star reports.

"My wife said I was mad but I think anyone else would have done the same."

The full £18,000 was recovered and Maidment and Allen were jailed for four years and eight months, and 32 months respectively, after admitting armed robbery.