The Stig 'steals' a Lotus F1 car and tears up the team HQ


The elusive man in the white racing suit has recently been 'caught' prowling the empty halls and corridors of the Lotus F1 HQ.
> Footage, released by the marketing team at Top Gear Magazine, appears to show the unnamed racing driver pulling up outside the team's headquarters, swiping into the security gate using nothing but his gloved hand, strolling into the facility on foot and casually exploring the top secret compound.

The Stig even shows contempt for Lotus F1 driver Romain Grosjean at one point, slamming his locker shut and forcing his name badge to precariously hang by a nail.

Taking a 'security breach' to the next level, The Stig then reprograms the Lotus computer system to deliver the team's 2013 V8-powered F1 racer to Durban, the site of one of the biggest Top Gear Festivals at the end of June.

He finally takes the car in question for a spin in the car park, performing a few hooligan donuts for good measure.

A spokesperson for Top Gear said: "It may well a coincidence that Stig is due to appear at one of the biggest Top Gear Festivals ever in Durban, South Africa on 21-22 June. It may not."

Take a look at the video clip below.