Angry Jaguar XF owner turns to donkey power in protest


A furious Indian Jaguar XF owner has enlisted the help of some donkeys to protest at a local dealer over the car's questionable reliability record.
> Rahul Thackreym, 38, who lives in India's western Ahmedabad city, decided to mount the remonstration after his brand new Jaguar XF (which start at around £30,000) broke down several times.

Mr Thackreym claims that several visits to the mechanics couldn't fix the issues so he decided to have the car pulled through the town by donkeys, with signs emblazoned across the white Jag that read: "It's better to have a donkey than a Jaguar."

He told the Daily Mail: "I was fed up with going back and getting them to put things right only to have something else go wrong.

"In order to make sure I could at least still use it and to let the dealer know what I thought of their cars, I came up with the idea of having it towed around by donkeys.

"Basically, a donkey it seems is more reliable than a Jaguar."

He added: "In my opinion, this car is worse than a sardine tin on wheels.

"I have taken it to many authorised dealers and garages but it has not helped me. It has so many problems I can't even list them all."

According to the disgruntled owner, the first issue was with the headlights, which stopped working. The garage allegedly told him they didn't stock replacement lights and only agreed to change the units after much arguing.

Mr Thackreym then revealed that the bumper fell off and it took the garage ten days to repair it.

A Jaguar spokesperson told website, who broke the story, "At Jaguar, our 'customer first' philosophy is to provide consistent outstanding customer service around the world. This particular case has been investigated and the customer has been contacted with a view to resolving this issue as soon as possible."