Has Jay Kay ordered a LaFerrari in green?


They say money can't buy you taste – and proof, if ever it was needed, comes this time from funny hat wearing warbler Jay Kay and a putrid green Ferrari.
> The car-collecting crooner is said to be one of only 499 buyers the manufacturer has deemed worthy of being "allowed" to purchase one of its new LaFerrari hypercars.

The £1.2million ostentatious uber Ferrari is one of the most sought-after supercars on the market with all 499 already sold – but it appears the Jamiroquai front man has managed to secure himself a place on the waiting list.

The Prancing Horse's latest flagship – which boasts 950bhp and a top speed of 217mph – wasn't available to buy by "normal" customers. No, only those given the opportunity by the fussy manufacturer were "allowed" to hand over a massive cheque in exchange for their hybrid hypercar.

Fortunately for Jay Kay, the fact he already owns a black Enzo in his garage seems to have helped the men at Maranello vote in his favour. Rumours suggest that Ferrari wouldn't even pick up the phone to potential buyers unless they could prove they already had five of their machines tucked away in a collection.

Although Jay Kay hasn't been confirmed as the buyer of this 'Kermit the Frog' green LaFerrari, pictures posted on FerrariChat.com show a carbon fibre steering wheel from the mean machine with Jamiroquai's name embossed on it.

Sort of a decent giveaway that it is the Cosmic Girl singer's new play thing...

But that still doesn't answer the one question on every car nut's lips: What in the name of all things super-unleaded possessed him to buy it in GREEN?

Answers on a comments-shaped postcard below please...