Volvo hits over 575,000 miles without a breakdown


Caters News Agency

When Simon Marshall invested £5,500 in a second-hand Volvo six years ago, he had no idea what a shrewd decision he was making.

For the ultra-reliable car has carried him and his family for a whopping 415,000 miles – without ever breaking down.

The V70 D5 SE already had 170,000 miles on the clock when Mr Marshall took possession of it. And the two figures combined mean the car has travelled 585,000 miles or almost a million kilometres – a distance roughly equal to a trip to the moon and back!

Mr Marshall, 49, has had to fork out £3,000 on minor repairs, servicing and tyres over the years – but those were expenses any vehicle would incur.

And not surprisingly he's become quite attached to the car. He told the Daily Telegraph: "I took a chance because it was a bargain. I never imagined I would get so many miles out of it.

"I have become very fond of it, and friends refer to it as my Viking Long Boat. It has never left me stranded on the side of the motorway and I have every faith in it getting me from A to B safely."

Most of the car's components have never had to be replaced – the engine, exhaust, turbo and alternator are all the originals. But 400,000 miles ago, Mr Marshall did have to cough up for a second-hand gearbox, which set him back about £800.

A private hire driver, he uses it for work and it has been abroad fairly frequently, ferrying him and his family around Europe on holidays.

He told the Telegraph: "If someone wanted a lift to the south of France right now, I would have no hesitation in going with this car. It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever known and I have complete faith in it."

Mr Marshall now wants to reach the million-mile landmark. Speaking to Mail Online, he confirmed: "I plan to keep driving the Volvo around as long as I can – it would be a shame to part with it now."

A Volvo spokesman said Mr Marshall's story demonstrated the "durability and quality built into every Volvo".

Author: Dave Brown