Video: Take care when filtering


filtering crash

For all their lack of crash and weather protection, and the requirement of taking to the roads in a glorified Power Rangers outfit, there is one aspect of motoring where bikers most definitely have the upper hand over those in cars: filtering.

Most car drivers will recall an occasion when, sat bumper to bumper, they are passed by a free-moving motorcyclist who is exploiting the narrow dimensions of his vehicle to cut a dash in between the columns of traffic.

This sort of practice tends to illicit different responses from car-dwellers. From a nonchalant "C'est la vie!" to feather-spitting rage over 'reckless' riding, filtering can often prove controversial, despite being a legitimate manoeuvre.

Whatever your views on motorcycles filtering past traffic, motorists should always be aware that they could be closely overtaken by a biker if they are stationary. Something that the driver in the video below clearly forgot, as he swung his door out into the path of an oncoming rider.

Captured on a Russian helmet cam, the biker is making his way (perhaps too quickly) through the traffic when he is confronted by the opening door. Thankfully he manages to brake sufficiently to merely wedge his bike upon impact, and not be thrown, rag-doll style, into the cars ahead.

Click play below to watch the footage, and remember to watch out for each other out there.